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Strain: Dandy Dance
Strain Type: Lavender Baron Dandy x DanceHall Mapetit ( 60% Indica - Sativa 40% )
Type: Feminized
Flowering times: 60-70 days
Yield: Medium, rock-hard little buds
Bouquet: Orange, fresh Lavender and Musky-Skunk, complex but very tasty
Effect: Strong and long lasting high, clear mind and relaxed body
Developed by: Soma, Jimmy ( SP ), Sr.Bogavant ( SP ) & Ed ( SP )

Combining a strong high and an exquisite aroma, Dandy Dace is a very easy to grow plant too. Growing fast and uniform, the growth shows the indica-sativa mix appearance. Flowers are rock-hard, covered in a very dense quantity of a top quality resin. Intense and exotic aromas in flower time : curry, orange, fresh lavender and musky-skunk create a complex but very tasty experience when smoking. Energizing first effect, with a more sedating and relaxing side once it expands. Perfect to relax both physically and mentally too. Your mind will remain lucid and it is highly recommended for muscular pain.